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Bust through stubborn strength plateaus with the secrets used by some of England’s top rugby players

Say goodbye to complex, hard to follow programs that leave you burnt out and dissatisfied and say hello to The Abacus Method a simple, challenging and results driven strength program

Would you like the simplest training program you’ve ever used that also gets the best results you’ve ever had?

A strength Program you can use to get strong for powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit or any sport

The Abacus Method is both a scientifically and ‘in the trenches’ proven program that is simple to follow, challenging and most importantly it gets results. It is endorsed by elite trainers and strength athletes and has proven effective time and again. Plus it doesn’t rely on complex weight calculations, confusing periodization or algebraic rep schemes.

Your best strength gains for a year in only 8 weeks… …plus the information to continue to make gains for life

Here is what you will get from The Abacus Method:

  • • You will learn the benefits of training with discipline and consistency

  • • You will be taught the best nutrition approach to get stronger and assist your training

  • • You will discover how the simplicity of the program increases your focus and intensity

  • • You will learn the principles behind The Abacus Method so you can train with the same progress indefinitely

  • • You will learn to prioritise success and become more motivated each session

  • • You will be shown how to Warm Up properly to prepare you to lift but not to take up too much training time

  • • You will be shocked when weights that previously felt heavy become child’s play

  • • You will learn common mistakes when trying to get stronger and how to avoid them

  • • You will get stronger on lifts that you won’t even train for 8 weeks!

  • • You will be taught how to simply periodise The Abacus Method for best results year round

  • • You will experience the feeling of euphoria when you smash previous records on all of your lifts

  • • You will look and feel stronger than ever and have the confidence to go with it

Discover how to get stronger than ever in the simplest way and learn how to train to be able to repeat these results for life

Turn your 5RM into the weight you use for 5x5 in 8 weeks, pack on muscle and get stronger at every exercise

What The Abacus Method isn’t:

  • • A quick fix for lazy trainers – it teaches you how to be successful over the long haul

  • • An easy way out - it is simple but not easy!

  • • A punch card workout – you will have to train with intent and focus for best results

  • • For the mentally weak – you will learn the value of mental toughness for consistency

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