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My name is Jamie Bain and I’m a strength and conditioning coach with a decade of experience working in professional rugby.

From my time working with England internationals, British Lions and All Blacks I’ve learnt a thing or two about the human body and what it takes to achieve results. From these experiences I’ve developed a training system which delivers those results. Training, nutrition, psychology and lifestyle techniques that will help you lose fat, build muscle, feel more confident and leave you happier and fulfilled.

I have been studying and practicing health and fitness for more than 15 years now. During my career I have come across many beginners and even some old-timers who get confused and troubled by the perplexing volumes of information. What you need is simple, unbiased and factual guidance which is not hard to absorb and THIS is where Strength Made Simple rises above the rest.


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Jamie was a key ingredient in helping me get back from a long term injury. His diverse sessions over an 18 month period kept me motivated each time I trained. He got me into a physical state where I was faster, stronger and more powerful than before my injury. his knowledge around strength and recovery is second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in the fitness industry.



Working with Jamie is very enjoyable, he has a very positive way about him that comes across extremely well when he's coaching. His enthusiasm and encouragement towards people only makes them want to work harder in pushing themselves and getting the most out of their training. I like Jamie’s ability to help people develop areas of weakness and make them become strengths.

I have had tendonopathy issues with my knee and over a period of time working with Jamie we have combined rehab, mobility and strength training to recover from these issues and now I'm able to train fully without any pain, instability and most importantly no weakness. Jamie can design a program to cater the trainer’s personality. He knows exactly what sort of training I like to do and can design a program that will maximize my training and push me to get the results I want. What makes Jamie stand out from the rest is that he can make any training session enjoyable even when he's pushing you to your optimum level of fitness.




Jamie is a Great Strength Coach. His knowledge, professionalism and commitment allow him to achieve great results with the athletes that he is coaching. The Planning that he makes for the different stages of the year makes perfect sense, adapting to the specific needs of each player. I’ve been working with him for more than a year, during this period I had 2 Shoulders surgeries/operations (SLAP and major pectoral Tear) and both times he has done a fantastic Job to get me back on the field. Together with the Physios, he has planned all my stages of the rehab, knowing perfectly what I needed in each moment.

After the second operation I didn’t know if I was going to be fit for the World Cup, but he pushed me to the limit so I could get there in really good shape. The best thing about Jamie is that he pushes you to the maximum, working hard and in a great work environment, always in a good mood, it will encourage you to come back the next day and train harder!!



Jamie’s passion for his work is undeniable. Having only worked with Jamie for a short amount of time, I have already seen his extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning.  Being in the stage of my rugby career I am, Jamie has guided me well through maintaining a high level of conditioning throughout the season. 

He has also nurtured me back to fitness on several occasions, when inevitably... rugby injuries occur.

 All done with a huge amount of positive energy, a smile and a joke. Always enjoy walking in to a gym session with Jamie.




I have worked with Jamie for over two years and he is a fantastic strength and conditioning coach. While combining his witty personality and professionalism, Jamie gets the best out of the players he works with while maintaining the element of fun. In my opinion he is a solid member of the team and can be relied on in any circumstance.


Lee Dickson 

Jamie has the perfect balance of fun and hard work and understands how to get the best out of his players. His training methods are well thought out and he adapts them to the individuals he is dealing with preseason speed work was some of the best I’ve done. He’s up there with the top S&C’s I’ve worked with during my career.